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Overcoming Depression: 8 Ways To Live A Happier Life

Depression is a common mood disorder experienced by 1 in 6 people worldwide. It is a mental health disorder experienced by children and adults and females are the most vulnerable.

According to WHO, if depression is left untreated, it can last longer than weeks and even get worse – 700,000 people die from suicide every year with depression stated as the most underlying cause in these cases. It is therefore important for those experiencing symptoms of depression to ensure they overcome this mental health deadweight and create a balance to live a happier life. In this article, you will discover the causes of depression and several ways to overcome depression.


What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that is often mistaken to be grief or sadness. It is a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of something valuable.


Symptoms of Depression

The general symptoms associated with depression are;

  • Persistent feelings of sadness and depressed mood
  • Inability to enjoy events once enjoyed before and loss of interest in activities
  • Appetite changes accompanied by weight loss
  • Sleeping problems- inability to sleep or sleeping longer than usual
  • Increased fatigue and reduced energy
  • Feeling of worthlessness
  • Inability to concentrate on making decisions and thinking difficulties.
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Increased irritability and agitation, etc.


Causes of Depression

Depression is often triggered by a series of events that is a disruption from the normal way of life a person is used to. Common causes of depression range from upsetting occurrences to stressful events like illness, death of a loved one, divorce, rape, unemployment, money problems, genetics, the birth of a child, etc.

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Ways to Overcome Depression

Depression exists in several types and forms, also it can be treated and symptoms can be prevented.

There are several ways to overcome depression and they range from the popular medical forms of treatment like medication, psychotherapy, and brain stimulation to complementary medicine (traditional). Other ways to overcome depression are through purposeful living and intentionality to get rid of depression mentally.

These 7 ways would help you overcome depression:


Lifestyle changes

Depression is merely caused due to a hitch in the lifestyle our mind is accustomed to. So if you must overcome depression you should consider a lifestyle reconstruction.

Engaging in small yet impactful actions like positive self-talk can reduce and eliminate depression.


Set specific goals

Stressful events are one of the causes of depression. The setting of lofty goals at a short time interval can be overwhelming and it can further lead to feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness when they are not met or actualised. If you are looking out to live a happier life, you should set small and achievable tasks that can be accomplished at a certain time. This will go a long way to boost your morale and self-esteem when actualized and build your mind positively to attain more.


Be creative

One of the essential ways to overcome depression is by being creative. Depression lasts longer when left untreated and unexpressed for so long. Art is a form of expression that promotes positive mental health and outcomes. The feeling of importance after creating something new raises self-esteem and boosts focus in the process and relieves stress.

Music is known to improve moods whilst dance relieves stress.

Practising these and other creative forms will help you process how you feel and boost your emotions positively.


Stay socially active

Depression tells your mind that the best way to handle your feelings is by staying to yourself as no one will understand the way you feel. It isn’t true, that is only a symptom. Spending time with your loved ones will remind you that you are not alone and remove the feeling of loneliness.


Write your thoughts

Writing is a means of conveying thoughts. It allows the writer to also recreate a version that suits them on paper.  So, if you want to overcome depression, you should practice writing out your thoughts and feelings, this will open you to new and positive ways of controlling them.


Practice meditation

Meditation is a process that allows the mind and body to relax while finding a way to be present in the moment.

Meditation helps settle the mind and clear all negativity surrounding it. Practising meditation will reduce the symptoms of depression by helping you notice the negative sensations of stress and anxiety and change your thinking to not act on them.


Immerse in nature

Many studies of nature’s impact on mental health have shown that nature positively impacts concentration, critical thinking, learning and problem-solving. Nature stimulates positive emotions like calmness, creativity and joy which goes a long way toward improving mood and thoughts. This might be all it takes to help you overcome depression.



Physical activities like a simple walk in the park or structured workout are just another way to overcome depression.

Exercise releases endorphins which are known as the happy hormone that accelerates pleasure, minimize pain and improve the sense of well-being. Getting your body to produce this neurochemical (endorphins) can help you improve your mood and overcome depression to live a happier life.



Depression is a mental condition that negatively influences your life and well-being but it can be managed and cured. We hope this article improves your understanding of this subject matter.

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